How to use Twitch Prime

Twitch can be great for derby teams that want to add another source of revenue to their organizations.

If you have a group of people willing to build your video production, this could work for you! I’ll be going into more detail about that soon.

If you don’t have a team of people yet and you happen to be near us, this is how NERDerby can hopefully do the production for your team or tournament at no cost.


Some backstory…

The platform allows for viewers to subscribe to their favorite streamers as a way to support them and allow them to keep creating content.  Typically this cost is 4.99 a month. splits that subscription with the streamer typically 50/50.   Streamers can add certain perks and additional channel emotes as a benefit to subscribers.


So what is Twitch Prime?

Twitch prime is a feature offered to any subscriber to the Amazon Prime service.  (Amazon owns Twitch)

Each month Amazon Prime members are given the option to subscribe to one channel for free.

Amazon the provides to the streamer the same $2.50 they would as if it was a standard Tier 1 subscription.



How to sub to  Nerderby (Chad / NERDerby) for FREE with Twitch Prime!

Its way too many steps than it should be… But I got pictures!
1. Search for twitch prime on Amazon (Amazon Prime members get a free twitch channel subscription every month!)

twitch prime 1





2. Click that twitch logo!

3. Click that “Connect your Twitch Account” button…

twitch prime 2






4. Sign up for Twitch! (if you have it already you can just log in)
twitch prime 3










5. You should be then prompted to link your twitch account







6. Search for my channel (nerderby) and click my little profile picture!

7. Click the follow button (Heart) if you haven’t already.

8. Click the “Subscribe Button”










8. Scroll down in the drop down you’ll see an option to subscribe for free!

That’s it!  You can chose a new channel each month so don’t for get to resubscribe or use your donation on another awesome derby streamer!