Creating Derby Fans (Part 3)

Creating Fans pt .3

That episode where Chad got a little mad at local media.

Let me start off by saying I think it’s great when derby is covered by local media. It’s encouraging and necessary.  I also don’t think what’s being done is good enough and I don’t think we should be satisfied.  Getting media attention can be difficult.  There is a lot to compete with with all the national and local sports.   If we want to build a fan base, the existing and prospective fans need to see the sport and they need to see the results.  Fans need material to make the emotional connections that drives them to say “We won” or “We lost”

Central Maine Derby was fortunate enough to have a nice piece done about them. WABI Interviews CMD.  They are having a meet and great and WABI brought the cameras out and did a couple of great interviews. They (WABI) should be commended for that.  I was SO excited to see people I knew and glad to see the sport represented well by the women from CMD.

On the page with the recent WABI interview I find there are three other archived stories it suggests. The other three dated stories are all stories about the outreach programs local derby teams are doing.

I went over to check with WVII to see what they had. They also had four articles that were mostly general human interest stories. Except one! They covered CMD’s inaugural bout against the RIP Tides…and gave the score! The tides took the win 195-87. That was in 2013.

Recently it was announced that ESPN 3 would be airing two games from The Big O tournament as well as the WFTDA championships again.  ESPN OMG This is so huge.  SOOOOO HUGE. It shows that the WFTDA is doing its part to do what derby needs on the national scale. I would LOVE to know how much work went in to securing this.  This had to be a very interesting process and I believe there are some nuggets we call could use when talking local.  I have a request for a little more on how that came about.  I’ll share once I get something back!   That leaves the local to us. Me and you.  We got this!

Here is my big concern and ultimately the takeaway. Where are the news media after the games? Where are the scores and highlights? Where is the sideline reporter? Where are the interviews with the MVP’s?   It’s not going to start happening until we ask for  it.

It’s my opinion, for what it’s worth, that until this happens media outlets will continue to treat roller derby as a novelty.  So what do we do about it?

1. Start submitting your scores and mvps to local media as soon as the game is over. You’ll find areas to do so on most of the respective sites.

2. Invite the local sports writers and reporters to your games. You may have to stalk them. You need to make a concerted and determined effort to get them in. Be prepared to explain the game and sit a derby guru with them to answer questions.

3. Any time you have an event, share the information directly with local media. Get it in their face!

4. Is the news team coming to do a story on you? Invite them to come back for a game. Ask for contact information. Email and Cell number.

Want to talk more about this?  Lets do that!

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