Rita Hateworthy From Granite State!




Derby Name? Rita Hateworthy

How long have you been in the sport? Since 2011.

What got you in to derby? Pure accident; I had no idea what derby was when I got dragged to my first practice by a coworker. I wore skinny jeans. It was love at first sight.

Best derby moment for you so far? Skating with Team Finland in the World Championships in 2014. Give us 5 words your team would use to describe you. Ummmm…. I hope they think I’m tough and loud, but sweet and well-meaning.


Now give us 5 you’d use to describe them. Dedicated, loving, passionate derby nerds.

If you could play with another team for a game who would you pick? Why? I am going to have to give a shout out to two teams from Helsinki; Helsinki Roller Derby and Kallio Rolling Rainbow. I got to know many of those skaters when I was training with Team Finland. They work hard and play with a lot of heart.

Who’s the most challenging Jammer / Blocker you’ve faced. Our own Alison Murphy. She does not go easy on us at practice and I love her for that.

What keeps you motivated? Learning new things with my teammates.

How do you prepare yourself for a game? I eat well, rest up, and watch game footage.

What’s your biggest derby goal this year? Winning Coastal Chaos, of course!

What does derby need that’s maybe it’s lacking today? Cowbell.