Holy Bacamole!

holybacamoly1Derby Name?
Holy Bacamole

How long have you been in the sport?
6 years

What got you in to derby?
The idea of the culture.

Best derby moment for you so far?
Cheating: Being a part of such an amazing derby family, GSRD/Receiving MVP from Boston’s Cosmonaughties after returning from an injury.

Give us 5 words your team would use to describe you.
Track-boss, penalty-heavy, intimidating (until you know me), supportive, pregnant…


Now give us 5 you’d use to describe them
Classy, dedicated, ambitious, supportive, family

If you could play with another team for a game who would you pick? Why?
It’s cheesy but I don’t want to play with another team. I would love to learn from other amazing skaters but I love skating with my teammates.

Who’s the most challenging Jammer / Blocker you’ve faced.10380173_10202202518850232_8640123932349352869_o
Jammer: Our very own Rita Hateworthy

Blocker: Annie Cockledoux

What keeps you motivated?
Our team’s drive to climb up in rankings

How do you prepare yourself for a game?
Good food, studying up on the other team, and trying to relax. My husband’s famous Jammer Toast is a must have the morning of any game.

What’s your biggest derby goal this year?
Support my team as best as I can in a coaching position and be back in action as soon as physically possible after having my BabyMole

What does derby need that maybe it’s lacking today?
More classy players/teamsholybacamoly2