Q&A With Oxidizer

learn more about Oxidizer @ RockCoastRollers.org

learn more about Oxidizer @ RockCoastRollers.org

1. Derby Name?


2. How long have you been in the sport?
About 4 years, founding member of RCR

3. Best derby moment for you so far?
Can’t really single it out, the best part is the evolution of it.

4. Give us 5 words your team would use to describe you.
Communicator, dedicated, team player, solid, supportive.

5. Now give us 5 you’d use to describe them
Positive, strong, supportive, motivated, fun.

6. If you could play with another team for a game who would you pick? Why?

© 2014 Jim Dugan

Target acquired…

As much as I love getting experience with other teams and playing with all kinds of skaters, the only team I want to play with in a game is my own because communication is one of the biggest pieces of derby and that you need to build over time with trust.

7. Who’s the most challenging Jammer / Blocker you’ve faced.
Each jammer and blocker is challenging in their own way, but I would have to pick Lynx form my own team as blocker. Grim as jammer.

8. What keeps you motivated?
Always striving to be better, there is always room to grow.

9. How do you prepare yourself for a game?

Thanks for taking part Oxi!  Congratulations RCR on being selected to attend ECDX ’15  Also, the photo above is taken by Jim Dugan. I highly recommend checking out all of his photo sets, not just derby!