She’s Dynamite…She’s Chain Lynx

ricky     When my wife and I first saw the Rock Coast Rollers we were introduced to a skater that would leave the track with our hearts.  Rugged, determined, talented and full of smiles. She seemed to embody everything we’d come to expect in a derby athlete.   When we asked our friend, Ivana Causpain about her she said “Yup.  That’s Lynx. She’s amazing.”

If NERDerby had a heartthrob award she’d win. Few skaters (none?) have the ability to stop our broadcast when she skates by. She’s done this on a few occasions.  If you pour through the archives you’ll find the awkward silences she’s caused. I mean…those ears.  So adorable.  I digress…

What’s the deal with Ricky Schroder?  We thought it would be fun to ask Lynx the same questions asked of Ricky in this 1980 something issue of Dynamite.


Which, out of all the characters you’ve played, is the most like you in real life?

The most like me in real life would be tank girl. I just don’t give much energy to those around me who have unhealthy agendas. I like to be in the moment and look at life like it is survival of the fittest.

Move number 11…Just move.

Does you like video games as much as the TV Ricky does?

I do not care much for video games. There is one I like and it is a roller skating game. These monster chics roller skate through these caverns with obstacles and booby traps. Kinda fun, but I cannot play a video game for more than ten minutes. I get to jumpy. I cannot sit still.

What about having the same name on TV as in real life? Is that confusing?

I have thought about changing my name to Lynx in real life. I get a little confused when I am called by by given name. I am not really that person anymore in my life. All my favorite people call me Lynx.

What kinds of things would you  like to do if you had the chance?

Things I would like to do if given the chance? Sky dive, camp more, get back to my native roots more. Honor the earth more, eat better, more skating. Yes. More skating.

Would you like to give up acting someday?

Do I want to give up skating someday?
No. You will have to drag me from the track old and broken and screaming I got one more jam, the whole ffing way.

Chain Lynx © David Hodges Photography

What things are coming up in your  future besides more episode of Silver Spoons?

Future? My goal for my team is to make D2 in the next two seasons, if not D1.

What would your life be like if you could do anything you wanted?

If I could do anything I wanted?
I would own a rink in MIDCOAST and it would be the best one in New England. All the cool kids would come. We would have programming for all ages and games every weekend! We would want other leagues to use it too, because we are friendly like that. I would also have a gallery, juice bar, vegan food bar, and local brew sold there! Ha!

Do you have  any words of advice for our readers, especially if they were thinking of getting into acting?

If I were getting into acting I would say, put your soul into everything you do. Same goes for skating.

Q&A With Oxidizer

learn more about Oxidizer @

learn more about Oxidizer @

1. Derby Name?


2. How long have you been in the sport?
About 4 years, founding member of RCR

3. Best derby moment for you so far?
Can’t really single it out, the best part is the evolution of it.

4. Give us 5 words your team would use to describe you.
Communicator, dedicated, team player, solid, supportive.

5. Now give us 5 you’d use to describe them
Positive, strong, supportive, motivated, fun.

6. If you could play with another team for a game who would you pick? Why?

© 2014 Jim Dugan

Target acquired…

As much as I love getting experience with other teams and playing with all kinds of skaters, the only team I want to play with in a game is my own because communication is one of the biggest pieces of derby and that you need to build over time with trust.

7. Who’s the most challenging Jammer / Blocker you’ve faced.
Each jammer and blocker is challenging in their own way, but I would have to pick Lynx form my own team as blocker. Grim as jammer.

8. What keeps you motivated?
Always striving to be better, there is always room to grow.

9. How do you prepare yourself for a game?

Thanks for taking part Oxi!  Congratulations RCR on being selected to attend ECDX ’15  Also, the photo above is taken by Jim Dugan. I highly recommend checking out all of his photo sets, not just derby!